Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Here we go!

Hello blogging world :)  I read a lot of sewing and quilting blogs and I have decided to start one myself.  I started quilting in November of 2009, and I am now totally addicted!  I started quilting because I couldn't find a bedspread that I liked.  I ventured to Joann Fabrics and bought WAY too little fabric, looked up a log cabin tutorial online and started cutting (by hand, with scissors...) the pieces I thought I would need to make a queen sized quilt.  There were many bumps and mishaps along the way, but I learn best by doing, and I learned so very much in this first attempt.  It took me around 8 months to finish the quilt that got me started, and I love snuggling up underneath it each night.

The finished product, so proud :)

The colors are a little distorted, the lighting is better here:

Always makes me smile :)

While I was working on that quilt, I completed  a few other projects.  I'll post pictures of my other early attempts soon.  I like blogs with lots of pictures and few words, I'll try to be one of those!  Ready to get to know me a little?  Well ready or not, blogging world, here I come!

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